'I was impressed with script'

'I was impressed with script'

Debut project

'I was impressed with script'

Model-turned-actor Sarah Harish always knew that she would get into acting someday. She was particular that her debut must be with a big banner. And she seems to have found everything that she was looking for in her debut project, ‘David’ where she will be seen playing the role of an industrialist’s daughter.

She is paired with actor Shreyas Chinga. In an interview with Nina C George, she talks about her role in ‘David’ and more.

 What impressed you about ‘David’?

‘David’ is not a regular story. I was impressed with the script and the way every character has been conceived.

Tell us about your character.

I play the daughter of an industrialist. She is not a spoilt brat and is someone who doesn’t believe in love. Unlike the usual rich kids, she prefers to keep to herself. But her perception about love and men change after she meets the character played by Shreyas Chinga.

From modelling to acting...

The two are very different. In modelling you have only one shot and you are done with your job. But acting is a different ball game altogether. You have so many scenes and every scene requires a different kind of an emotion. There are definite schedules when it comes to movies.

How is it to work with a young crew in ‘David’?

I was skeptical at first but when I read the script and how every character was knit together, I was thrilled. I had no second thoughts about accepting the project. I enjoyed working with director Bhargav. I never saw him yelling at anybody even when they made a mistake. He was very supportive and always motivated the actors to perform better.

On working with Shreyas Chinga....

Shreyas and I have worked together before. Our scenes together was a smooth flow because the good rapport we share. It helps when costars happen to be good friends. It made my job easy.

Any lessons learnt?

It is hard to quantify the hard work put in by every single person who has worked on ‘David’. Whether production or direction, everybody was equally involved. The team work put into this project is indeed commendable.

Would you call ‘David’ an intense film?

There are intense action sequences in the film. The story is mystery-thriller and this is itself makes it worth a worth.

Where has the film been shot?

Most of the film has been shot in Bengaluru. The city has been portrayed in a very different way. We have shot in very different locations.

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