Exclusive online platform for marketing artworks

Exclusive online platform for marketing artworks

Exclusive online platform for marketing artworks

Artists are bound by limitations when it comes to the marketing of their artworks. Realising this, an artist has designed an e-commerce platform, exclusively for artworks, which enables artists to upload their artworks through the software and find suitable buyers.

Vishwas Krishna, a Mangaluru-based artist and violinist, told DH that as an artist himself, he found it challenging to commercialise the artworks. There was a need for a common platform through which the works of talented artists is made accessible to people across the globe. Then, emerged the idea of 'Beauty Wall Spot - to live an artful life', an exclusive online shopping platform for artworks, he said.

Vishwas came up with the concept two years ago and literally designed the site by himself in a year. Eventually, www.beautywallspot.com was developed into an e-commerce art site, which is the first-of-its- kind attempted in the region. It has been a year now since the online platform came into existence.

"The main objective is to encourage creative artists and to promote art buyers", Vishwas said. There is also an intention of creating awareness on art aesthetics and art buying.

The artworks of noted artists, as well as emerging and budding artists, can be bought online.

The artworks comprise line drawing, acrylic, oil paint, watercolour, Kavi art and other mediums. Currently, the site features artworks by master artists Dinesh Holla, Amin Bala, P S Punchithaya, Ramesh Rao, Ganesh Somayaji, Permude Mohan Kumar and Veena Srinivas, emerging artistes Prathima C Hebbar, Ashika R Shet, Manaswi Swaroopa, Rakshith Bajal, Vishwas Krishna and child artists Prithvi Raj, Adi Swaroopa and others.

Private collectors have been purchasing the artworks online, he said.

Artist Dinesh Holla felt that the initiative of 'Beauty Wall Spot' is a serious attempt towards providing an online market to the artworks and it is catching up well among art buyers. The online platform has widened the possibilities of marketing the artworks, he added.