Tribal artifacts to be sold at Tribes India shops in Mysuru

The arts and crafts produced by tribals from across the country will soon be available under one roof in Mysuru. The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED), under the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs, is planning to establish 'Tribes India', which will house exclusive shops selling tribal artifacts in the city.

Tribal products ranging from textiles, gift items, novelties, tribal paintings, terracotta
and stone pottery, cane and bamboo products, organic food products, metal crafts, and jewellery will be displayed and sold in the shops.

Officials are looking for a location to set up the shop and plan to open a showroom on the basis of availability of space. An official said that the main idea of TRIFED is to serve the interest of tribals in more than one state so as to help improve their social and economic status.

TRIFED is acting as a bridge between the tribals and the outer world by being the service provider, facilitator, coordinator and a market developer for their products.

Tribes India, which aims to serve the interest of the tribal community, has 29 outlets in various parts of the country.
One such shop is already open
in Bengaluru.

TRIFED also encourages tribals to undertake their work in a systematic and scientific manner by empowering them with knowledge and by conducting a variety of programmes.

Events such as capacity building, sensitisation, formation
of self help groups (SHGs) and imparting of training to explore marketing possibilities in the
national as well as interna-
tional markets, creating opportunities for marketing tribal products on a sustainable basis, creating a brand and also for providing other services.

Tribals currently depend on Large-sized Adivasi Multipurpose Cooperative Societies (LAMPS) to market their minor forest produces such as honey. However, only a few products that are locally produced are available in LAMPS and the state has 23 LAMPS.

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