Karnataka team in Bihar to study prohibition

Karnataka team in Bihar to study prohibition

A 31-member delegation from Karnataka is in Bihar to study the prohibition policy and its implementation.

Led by the Chairman of the Karnataka State Temperance Board (KSTB), H C Rudrappa, the delegation met Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who spoke at length how he made Bihar a dry state in April 2016.

"Prohibition was a social mass movement which was first tried by former chief minister Karpoori Thakur in the 1970s. But the move could not fructify owing to several reasons," Kumar told the delegation.

The chief minister told Rudrappa that some women had inspired him to take up the challenge to ban alcohol in Bihar. "Strong will is required to take decisions like prohibition," he said. "The decision might have caused a loss of Rs 5,000 crore worth of revenue to the state, but it led to the savings of around Rs 10,000 crore among those who would otherwise waste it on alcohol."

The JD(U) strongman later told the delegation that after enforcing prohibition, his government was now aiming to create a mass awareness about child marriage and dowry. "Without social change, development has no meaning," he told the Karnataka team.