A cop's fight against societal ills

A cop's fight against societal ills

Once More Kaurava

Kannada (U/A)

Cast: Naresh Gowda, Anusha Ranganath, Devaraj, Anu Prabhakar, Shivaram, Master Ayush

Director: S Mahender

Rating: Average

Once More Kaurava takes viewers back to bygone days of storytelling. It's the moth-eaten tale of an honest police officer, Kiran, taking up challenges while discharging his duties to maintain peace in society.

Posted in a town full of miscreants, Kiran sets about his task in regimental fashion. The man takes on the corrupt bunch single-handedly, with eye-for-an-eye mantra, and also finds time for love. He also learns that those behind his parents' killing are in the town, and determines to avenge their death. It is the familiar tale of revenge and retribution sprinkled with family sentiments and romantic interludes, as the no-nonsense cop goes about his Mission Justice.

Newcomer Naresh tries to live up to his tailored role, while Anusha makes for a pretty presence.