'I believe in being prepared for the best'

'I believe in being prepared for the best'

'I believe in being prepared for the best'

The digital world became a funnier place after Sahil Khattar started making YouTube videos on the channel 'Being Indian'. He walked around the streets asking people random questions and soon began to be known as 'Road ka Raja'.

He started off in the entertainment world at the age of 17 as a radio jockey. He moved to Mumbai a few years later and started writing dialogues and exploring acting.  And now, the internet sensation will be seen hosting 'Dance India Dance' along with Amruta Khanvilkar.  

He chats with Anila Kurian about his rollercoaster journey and his future goals.  

From being an internet star to entering the television world. Does it feel like you're starting all over again?

Not really as I have been working on the backend, writing and producing all this while. It's just that joining the digital world gave me the opportunity to create content without any strings attached and helped me pay my bills. I just consider  this phase as another feather in my cap.  

Do you find any similarities between both these mediums?

Everything is similar to everything. The baseline  and punchline are the same. There's always a story, entertainment, drama and romance.  The basic definition is the same; it's just that it's done differently.

How does it feel to be part of 'Dance India Dance'?  

Well, it's a show that's looking for the best dancing star and it's only apt that they were looking for  an anchoring star too (laughs).  

Jokes apart, I'm honoured
to be a part of the show. I used to write scripts for other hosts and I always wondered when my time will come.

What else is on your plate right now?  

I'm working on a show with 'Voot' called 'Big Buzz' which is a spin-off  of 'Big Boss'. There's also another show on 'MTV Beats' and I'm working on my pet projects in the digital world.

Your parents weren't too supportive of your career choice. What's your relationship with them now?

They've become so supportive that they are living with me in Mumbai now. I guess I've proved to them that I could do it. I  believe in being prepared for the best and expect nothing so that everything and anything that comes your way will be a bonus.  

You gained recognition  with your work in 'Being Indian'. Can you share an interesting fan moment?

Apart from the girls screaming when they see me,  something interesting did happen. I was at a club  and I was sitting in the corner.  I suddenly felt two hands  and a kiss on my bald head. I couldn't find the person after that. So when I  noticed the lipstick  mark later,  I understood that it was a girl. Long story short, she tried to do that again a while later and was finally caught.

Will the audience get to see more of you in 'Being Indian'?

I don't know about that but you will definitely see more of Sahil Khattar otherwise.  

You're already known as 'Road ka Raja'. What next?

Bollywood, it has to be Bollywood.  


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