A step ahead

A step ahead

A step ahead

As the year comes to an end, travel-enthusiastic Bengalureans are looking forward to leaving the hustle of the city far behind. Many of them have planned their year-end vacations much in advance, both to make use of discounted airfares as well as to beat the rush.  

Hrish Thota and his family are looking forward to their trip to Bali. The travel blogger says, "Bali offers free visa on arrival for Indians whose port of entry and exit are the same. It's also easily accessible via Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok from Bengaluru. And being a tropic paradise, especially during the winter months, we don't want to miss the opportunity."

Thanks to the low-cost airlines, Hrish and his family are travelling on a budget less than Rs 15,000 for a round trip, reducing the overall cost of the vacation. "I look forward to taking part in watersport activities like scuba diving and snorkelling. Bali is also known for its natural beauty and culture," he adds.  

Many corporates in the city have taken their winter vacations as an opportunity to unwind . With many companies offering their employees flexibility in terms of job timings, travelling has become a viable hobby for many.  

Kuthala Ramnath Subramanian, a sales executive, is eagerly waiting for his backpacking trip to Europe. He says, "I did all the planning and booking within a day. I'm going for a 15-day trip around Europe towards the end of the year. It's been on my bucket list for a while now and I'm excited that it's finally happening."

Ram usually plans a year-end trip as his birthday is around that time. "It's nicer to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city  during Christmas and New Year. The places I visit are beautiful and colourful,  making it the perfect way to spend my time off from work," he adds.  

Another way of taking advantage of  the low-cost airfare is to plan trips whenever the airlines  announce discounted prices, suggests Shrinidhi Hande. For the  past five years, he has travelled abroad at least five times. How does he do it?  

"I have a full-time job as an associate manager but I plan  something during a long weekend or when I take a week off. I book my tickets as and when the airlines  have offers and do the rest of the planning accordingly," he explains. Shrinidhi also agrees that there is a risk attached as these low-cost tickets come with several terms and conditions but he is willing to chance it.  

He adds, "In 2017, I've travelled to the Philippines  for Rs 15,000, Japan for Rs 20,000, Phuket for Rs 10,000 and Vietnam for Rs 10,000. I'm getting ready to head to Bali next."

Shrinidhi  says that everyone  today wants everything to be in place before they plan a trip  - the timing, work commitments and so on. However, he suggests that going on a trip is best accomplished without thinking too much about it.  

So, where are you planning to head to?  

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