Anyone treating cows cruelly would be jailed: Yogi

Anyone treating cows cruelly would be jailed: Yogi

Lucknow, DHNS: Anyone treating cows cruelly will be sent to jail, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Sunday, as he announced creating cowsheds in every district.

Speaking at a meeting of Gaurakshaks, the Chief Minister said, we should save the cow, Ganga and Tulsi to if we want to save Indian culture.

"Forget about exporting cow meat, those who treat cow cruelly will be sent to jail," Adityanath said, pointing out that there are only three to four crore gaumatas in a country of 125 crore. He also said there is an urgent need to save desi cows from extinction.

The cowsheds to be set up in each district would be managed with local help. Adityanath said 25 districts have been chosen for the project. While the government is willing to chip in with the basic facilities, he said people should come forward to take care of them.

Regretting that people abandon cows once they stop giving milk, Adityanath said cow urine and dung are also useful.

The Chief Minister evaded the subject of assaults on people by alleged cow vigilante in his state ever since he assumed office in March. Adityanath had a large Gaushala in the ashram of the Ghoraknath Temple where he is the Mahant or head priest.