'Controversy over Kanakana kindi should end'

'Controversy over Kanakana kindi should end'

'Controversy over Kanakana kindi should end'

Pejawar Mutt seer Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swami said that the controversy over Sri Krishna turning to give a 'darshan' for Kanakadasa should come to an end as there is evident proof of the incident.

Speaking at the Kanaka Sadbhavana Jyoti Ratyatra here on Monday, the seer said that intellectuals, progressive thinkers and traditional believers oppose the idea of Kanakadasa receiving darshana of Lord Krishna through the Kanakana Kindi. The traditional believers agree with the idea of all other aspects like the existence of Saint Vadiraja. Sadly, they oppose the issue of Kanakana Kindi.

The seer said that he has proper evidence now in the form of a song sung by Saint Vadiraja during the times of Kanakadasa. "There is mention of Lord Krishna turning around to offer 'darshana' to Kanakadasa. Hence, the discussion should come to an end," the seer reiterated.

"Kanakadasa is a mass leader. He is a prophet. He has given a message which imparts the values of humanity. He stood above caste and creed and preached higher values of freedom of belief. His contributions to the society is immense," the seer said.

District In-charge Minister Pramod Madhwaraj said that Kanakadasa is a leader of humans and is an asset of the society. He also said he is blessed to be part of Yatra and added that Kanakadasa and Saint Vadiraja shared a cordial relationship.

Kanaka Sadbhavana Jyoti Rathyatra arrived at Jodukatte, the traditional entrance of the temple town. From there, it was brought in a procession to all major streets of the town comprising cultural tableaux and artefacts.

The procession concluded the journey after performing pooja at the newly renovated Kanaka Gopura in front of Sri Krishna temple. A special pooja was offered at the place to Kanakadasa statue on the occasion.