'I am living out of a suitcase'

'I am living out of a suitcase'

'I am living out of a suitcase'

Actor Priyamani says that things have only got better for her after marriage. She says she is managing to divide her time equally between her personal and professional commitments. She has just completed a Bollywood project and has two Kannada films ready for release. The actor also makes sure that she does different things to keep the creative streak in her alive.  In an interview with Nina C George, Priyamani talks about her life after marriage and future

What excited you about 'Nanna Prakara'?

I really like the way the script has been written. Every character in it has a definite part. I play the character of Amrita and I am cast opposite Kishore Kumar, who is an investigating officer. The concept of hero and heroine is absent in this project. Every character is important.

What sets your character apart?

I play Kishore's wife but I am not the regular housewife. My character has a mind of her own and at one point, she lends a twist to the tale. Her insights into a particular case, handled by her husband, add a new dimension to the investigation.

Is this your first film with Kishore?

Yes it is. I have watched several of Kishore's films and I think he is a fabulous actor, but I never got an opportunity to work with him. People have always seen Kishore playing negative roles. Here he will be seen playing a positive character.

Has marriage changed anything?

Only my status has changed. I am living out of a suitcase at the moment. Mustafa is busy completing his debut directorial feature film in Hindi and I keep travelling to fulfil the many project commitments that I have.

Does Mustafa intend to direct a Kannada film someday?

I don't know if he will direct a film but he has made friends here. He bonded with director Yogaraj Bhat during the promotions of 'Dana Kayonu'. And he is definitely fascinated with the way we go about our job here.

How is to work in a political thriller like 'Dhwaja'?

The film is directed by Ashok Kashyap and is a remake of a Tamil film. The script has been tweaked to suit local sensibilities. I play Ramya (it has nothing to do with the Kannada actor-turned-politician) whose only ambition is to enter politics. She will go to any length to come to power. The character also has a negative shade to it.

Do you give all the characters you play your own flavour?

I have a definite idea about how I want my character to be and I work towards giving every role a different tone. If I am working on a remake, then I don't copy the original version.

Any Bollywood films in the pipeline?

I have wrapped up shooting for a Bollywood project but I am not allowed to give out the details just yet. I play the lead role in it. After 'Chennai Express', this will be my next big release in Bollywood.

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