'My son is so unlike me'

'My son is so unlike me'

'My son is so unlike me'

Shailendra Singh is a known name in the music industry. The  social entrepreneur  is the force behind some of the biggest events in the country like 'Sunburn Festival' and 'Guestlist4good'.  The musical gene has been passed on and he is now the  proud father of DJ Shaan, the first Indian DJ to perform at 'Tomorrowland'.  

The duo have now collaborated for a music video for Shaan.  Recently in the city to shoot for a song called 'End of the World', father and son took time off to talk to Rajitha Menon about a life that revolves around music.

You have been in the entertainment industry for so long. What has changed?

Shailendra:  The audience has become far more demanding and restless. They are getting to see a lot of digital content from the world over so their expectations have gone up. But it is difficult because they don't expect the price to be scaled up.  The good news is that in terms of the content, production, technological capability, creativity - it is all scaled up. The kind of show that India can create is at par with any international show.  

What are the challenges?

Shailendra: The government doesn't have a policy for live entertainment yet. There is no single window and you need more than a 100 permissions to conduct any event in this country.  

Shaan, when did you enter the industry?

Shaan: I was always into music, right from being a part of the school band. Since I went to a lot of concerts like 'Sunburn', courtesy my dad, it had an influence on me. I tried DJing once and I felt it was awesome. Then it all sort of clicked.

And how was the 'Tomorrowland' experience?

Shaan: It is  always incredible to represent your country on a global stage. As the first Indian to play there, it was a proud moment for me.  

How different is the audience across countries?

Shaan: The Indian audience is more energetic and they have an incredible reaction to the DJ. The international audience is different because of the scene outside; it's way ahead in music sometimes. You have to adjust to what they want.  

Shailendra, what is the event that is closest to your heart?

Shailendra: One of the initiatives that is very close to my heart is 'Guestlist4good'. I get top notch artistes from around the world to come and do a free performance and all the proceeds will go for charity that promotes children's education. This time, the show will happen on December 2 and 3 in Mumbai. For the first time, the entire lineup on stage will be Indian.  

You are directing a video for the first time. What made you decide to do this?

 Shailendra:   I reinvent brands for a living. So I thought I have so much knowledge and experience, why not use it for my son.

Tell us about the video...

Shaan: The concept is a romantic one. It is about love and how it  should endure till the end of the world.
Shailendra:  We had a phenomenal time shooting in Bengaluru. I discovered my son is so unlike me.  He told me he will not kiss or hug the girl in the video. I was like  'What? It's a romantic video.' But I am proud of him, he's got a great character.    â†’

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