Three guards die after inhaling carbon monoxide at Mangaluru bank

Three guards die after inhaling carbon monoxide at Mangaluru bank

Three security personnel died while on duty at the K C Road branch of Kotekaru Vyavasaya Seva Sahakari Bank  reportedly after inhaling carbon monoxide from a generator that was used following disruption in power supply on Monday night. Heavy rains lashed the region on Monday leading to a disruption of power.

The dead have been identified as Umesh (60) of K C Road, Somanath (58) of Kolya and Santhosh (40) of Manjanady.

The incident came to light when the bank manager and staff members came to work on Tuesday and found the trio lying on the floor. They splashed water on them but when the trio did not respond, the police were informed. Initially it was suspected that the trio died after lightning struck them but Dr Mahabala Shetty, a forensic medicine expert of Nitte University who visited the spot, confirmed that they died due to inhalation of carbon monoxide.

According to the CCTV footage, the deceased had had dinner at 8.30 pm and were conversing till 9.30 pm before they went to sleep. Since there was a disruption in power, one of the guards switched on the generator. The carbon monoxide emanating from the generator caused their death as it was a small room without adequate ventilation.

City Police Commissioner T R Suresh said that at the outset it is an unnatural death and an investigation is on.

Umesh had been serving the bank for the past eight years. Police said that Umesh had plans to visit the Ayyappa temple and was hence staying in a temple. Police said that on June 23, miscreants had made a futile attempt to rob the bank and had tied his hands and legs but in spite of the attack, he continued to work as a security guard.

Somanath meanwhile, was an employee of a private security firm. He had lost his house during the four-laning of NH at Kolya and was staying in his relative's house.  

Santhosh was also an employee of a private firm but was asked by the security agency to report to duty at the KC Road branch of the bank on Monday. Somanath, another guard too had reported for duty. As a result, Santhosh was asked to report to duty at a bank in Deralakatte. Following heavy rain, coupled with thunder and lightning, he could not go out and stayed back in the bank itself leading to his  untimely death.