Get set for a quick 'chaat'!

Get set for a quick 'chaat'!

Get set for a quick 'chaat'!

old world An inside view of the eatery.

From friends getting together to women carrying shopping bags, an array of people has been visiting this place for years now.

True to its name, the eatery is known for its Kolkata style of chaat. Says owner Sanjay Prasad, “We have around 32 items on the menu and most of them are prepared in Kolkata style.” So one is spoilt for choice when it comes to chaats.

“One can’t really say which item is popular as it depends on the individual’s taste. But the fast moving ones are the paav bhajji, cutlets, dahi papdi, to name a few,” he says.

Another popular choice is the jalmuri. Jalmuri is a dry chaat made out of jeera masala.
“It has a pungent taste which I really like and it’s a great choice for all gossip sessions,” laughs Romila, one of the customers.

Though predominantly a chaat place, over the years, this place has been offering other ‘fast food’ options like parathas. Served traditionally with a cup of curd and achchar, these are hot favourites for the afternoons. There are different types of parathas with stuffing like aloo, gobi, to name a few.

“I always come here for the chola batura, it’s very filling and apt for the afternoon,” says Anjali, a student.

For all those with a sweet tooth, the hot gulab jamuns on display too is a tempting pick.
“The meal just does not end without a bite into the pure Kolkata style gol guppas,” says Suresh, another customer.