An abundance of ratings

An abundance of ratings

It's raining ratings! On cab services, grocery services, home services, nursing agencies and even on websites which try to inculcate spirituality and moving inwards, away from the mad, mad world. Obviously, the more articles you read, the more points you get. The more you travel using cab services, the more you get to rate. Each time you ride, you rate the ride. They rate you in turn. You get to rate the delivery boys, the services of the agency and so on.

What happens when you don't rate? Well, some sites just let it be while others will not let you use their services till you rate them. What rating do you give a delivery boy who placed everything, oh so gently, on your table but spent the next few minutes talking nineteen to dozen, asking questions about your TV, Wi-Fi connection, salary paid to your maid and if you needed the housekeeping services run by his brother? Or the courier fellow who offers unsolicited advice on tending to plants?

What if you rate a driver "awful" while he rates you "awesome"? You can go back and change his rating. They won't ask you the reason but I am sure someone would wonder our capability to remember a driver, think about the ride and change the rating after a few hours.

I am sure most of the commuters wouldn't remember those drivers unless they were really good or horribly unpleasant. How would you rate a driver who came on time and reached the destination without taking you on a roller coaster "free" ride, but smelled of tobacco and cigarette smoke? He did do his work properly and transported you in one piece, didn't he?

My worst nightmares are those drivers, who talk incessantly, not allowing you to relax, reply to emails/ messages or simply sit. I shudder at the memory of the taxi rides when I was forced to say, "Hmm, of course, horrible traffic, no one cares" and so on, to be polite and keep the conversation going, lest he felt bad.

Ratings help people decide which movies to watch, which channels to subscribe to, which show to attend and so on. All those data, which cannot be measured quantitatively, can be rated. This helps to give an idea about the relative values of a characteristic.

Teachers rating students through marks is based on the answers submitted, while students rating teachers is very subjective. Most students use this to show their anger at teachers who are strict and probably have been harsh on the student.

Self-assessment appraisal forms are often a source of stress, as we really do not know how to rate ourselves. Peer rating, in most cases, are a means to "get back" at mean colleagues and hardly anyone uses it objectively. Rating is so in-built in our psyche today that most
of you would already have rated this article in your minds!

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