Congress seeks White Paper on economic condition

Congress seeks White Paper on economic condition

Congress seeks White Paper on economic condition

Minister for Food and Civil Supplies U T Khader urged the Centre to release a White Paper on the prevailing economic condition of the country and measures taken to improve the economic condition.

Speaking at the Black Day observed by the Dakshina Kannada District Congress Committee on Wednesday, he blamed demonetisation for the slump in growth rate.

"The Central government should also release a list of people who died while waiting near ATMs or in banks for exchanging the scrapped Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes. The government should pay compensation and also help in providing free education to the children of the deceased. The Centre should also announce how much black money has been confiscated in the last four years," said the minister.

He termed demonetisation as a thoughtless act and alleged that demonetisation has affected the livelihood of poor. "The note ban decision is the biggest scam and the largest government-abetted money laundering scheme. The note ban has not helped anyone," said Khader.

DK DCC president Harish Kumar termed demonetisation as an "organised loot and plunder." "It has helped to convert black money into white. The Central government has spent Rs 12,000 crore of tax payers' money for reprinting the currency after demonetisation. The industrial production was hit and labourers have lost their job after demonetisation," said the president.

"Disruptions caused by demonetisation has affected the manufacturing activities. India's GDP grew at 5.7% between April to June this year - the slowest pace recorded in 13 quarters or since the NDA government assumed office in May 2014. The BJP that promised of bringing back black money stashed in Swiss banks and crediting Rs 15 lakh to the accounts of citizens has failed in fulfilling its promise. The Centre has imposed highest GST up to 28 % on several goods, which has affected the common man and poor in the way of rise in price," he said.

"The hard-earned tax payers money is being misused in the name of cleaning Ganga river as well. In spite of spending Rs 20,000 crore, the Ganga river water is not clean. The Centre has even failed to waive the loans borrowed by the farmers at a time when Karnataka was reeling under drought," he alleged.

Harish Kumar said that the Congress wants to free hunger from the country.