How to get your home winter-ready

Last Updated 09 November 2017, 18:43 IST

Indian winters are one of the most complexed seasons we have. Every corner of the country has a different feel to it during this season. The winters in the north are chilling cold, whereas in the south, it remains tropical. Hence, gearing up your home for Indian winters varies from city to city. However, few tricks here and there shall make your  home ready for the cold season.

Here are some ideas on how to make your home winter-friendly according to different regions:

In the north

• Keep your flooring warm:  The first thing that you notice in the cold winter mornings is that the floors get too cold. Therefore, one must  keep the flooring warm near our beds, so that we don't catch a cold. To do so, one can have some stylish dhurries put over the tiles. This will not only give it a winter feel but also act as a functional and stylish decor accent.

• The 'Swiss log cabin' look:  One can have scented candles burning in some stylish candle stands. This will provide aroma and warmth as well as make the whole atmosphere cosy and welcoming. Let the aura of the place reflect that of a Swiss log cabin.

• Brighten it up: During winters, the atmosphere tends to get  dull and grey. Get some brightness in the space by having bright or neon cushion covers on sofas as well as bright quilts on the beds. This will reverse the ambience.

In the south

• Flooring first:  Tropical winters are really nice since you have the sun shining, and the weather is neither too hot nor too cold; it's just perfect! For a winter like this, one also needs to take care of the cold flooring with colourful  rugs and carpets made out of bamboo or cane, so that our feet do not touch the tiles first thing in the morning.  

• The Mediterranean look:  Burning aroma oil in dispensers makes the whole environment emanate a feeling of warmth, which is much needed during the tropical winters. Having a combination of subtle Mediterranean-inspired cushion covers will make for a bright winter.  

• Accessories:  Placing some nice and stylish candles on your coffee tables or your side tables will give you the ultimate winter feel. Also, having some colourful winter flowers in your ceramic or glass vases will provide a fresh feeling to your space.

(Published 09 November 2017, 11:04 IST)

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