Top 10 Shankar Nag songs

Top 10 Shankar Nag songs

Shankar Nag was the original rebel, the maverick, the trailblazer in Kannada cinema. He was a multifaceted personality who took to art - on stage, on screen, and behind the camera - like a swan takes to water. 

As we celebrate the birth anniversary of one of the greatest artists and personalities we have known, here we bring to you some of our favourite songs of his that echo even now - from his Kannada super hits to made-for-TV masterpiece Malgudi Days.
Like they say, those who blaze their own trails live on even after death. 

1. Joteyali joteyali

2. Ondanondu kaladalli

3. Naliva gulabi hoove

4. Kelade nimageega

5. Santhoshakke haadu

6. Gandaagi naanu

7. Nodi swamy naavirodu heege

8. Bandalo bandalo Kanchana

9. Geetanjali Pushpanjali

10. Malgudi Days title song

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