Woman escapes from brothers who treated her like a 'slave'

Woman escapes from brothers who treated her like a 'slave'

Woman escapes from brothers who treated her like a 'slave'

 Three brothers with the help of their spouses chained and locked up their younger sister in Jagityal town of Telangana after branding her "mentally unstable".

Chityala Geetha (25), however, said that she was subjected to the inhuman treatment by her family after she tried to run away in order to escape years of  torture.  On Wednesday, she escaped and ran into the street pleading for help. The neighbours who heard her cries informed the police who immediately took up the case.

Sources said Geetha was attending college when her parents died leaving her in the care of her brothers - Narayana, Ramesh and Srinivas. The three later married Manasa, Latha and Radha respectively. Soon after, the couples made Geetha's life a "living hell" by confining her at home like their "slave". She was made to work round the clock.

After Geetha tried to flee, they chained her and locked the chain with a padlock.

However, the brothers have a different story to tell. They claimed that Geetha had psychiatric disorders for over eleven years. They  even submitted medical certificates and bills to the police in support of their argument. "We spent Rs 11 lakh towards her treatment. We were forced to chain her as she could harm people," they said.

Police officials who appeared to be convinced by Geetha's brothers said they they will seek court's decision to settle the case.

"It is an offence to chain somebody and arresting the movement of a person. We will produce the woman before court on Thursday and seek directions," said Jagityal inspector Prakash.