'We need more female lyricists'

'We need more female lyricists'

'We need more female lyricists'

It was her hard work and determination that got playback singer and lyricist Priya Saraiya huge recognition in Bollywood.
She got nominated for the best lyrics for 'Saibo', best singer for 'Piya O Re Piya' and  best female singer for 'Sun Saathiya'.
Some of her latest songs include 'Bezubaan', 'Johnny Johnny' and 'Baat Ban Jaye'. She has also written the lyrics for movies like 'Bhoomi', 'Simran' and 'Haseena Parker'.  

In a chat with Anila Kurian,  Priya talks about how she likes to take everything slowly and continue to challenge herself with each project.

How settled are you in the industry now?

I'm at a very comfortable stage in my career. I want to maintain the quality of work I do, so I  don't take up a lot of work. Having said that, I've never been too ambitious and that's probably what helps me stay grounded.  

What are you busy with these days?  

I am working on a few other films which will release sometime early next year. I'm also trying to find some time to learn new instruments.  

How would you define your style of music?  

I like to experiment with genres and reinvent myself with work.  That's my only style.  

A genre of music that you love...

Romantic songs. It comes very naturally to me.  

A genre that you don't enjoy so much...

Item songs. I struggle to write the lyrics for that.  

What do you prefer  - singing or  songwriting?

I do enjoy singing on stage because it helps me understand my audience. But songwriting  helps me stay connected to music. It's hard to pick.  

Do you ever have a writer's block?  

(Laughs) Yes! That's when I  take a break and go somewhere that inspires me.  

What's it like working with your husband Jigar?

I consider him more of my friend than my husband. He's my biggest critic and it's very hard to impress him.  He gives me the motivation to work.  

Is there anything about the way he works that bothers you?

He used to reject most of my work and we've fought about it a lot. Now he's nicer because he knows that he won't get food at home (laughs). We also understand that it's for the song and our personal thoughts should not jeopardise it.  We do compromise at the end.

What  changes would you like to see in the industry?  

We need more female lyricists in the industry. There are so many opportunities and I hope more women will explore it.  

Your other interests...

Cooking, travelling and reading.  

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