For those healthy hands

For those healthy hands

For those healthy hands

With the chill in the air, dry skin is a given. Cracked and chapped hands can often be a point to worry about during these times.

Here are some tips for smooth, soft hands this season.

Avoid soap: Avoid hand cleansers with synthetic fragrances and preservatives as they can be very drying. Foaming and antibacterial soaps will  strip the skin of its own natural oils. Choose moisturising cleansers instead, and be sure you rinse thoroughly.

Moisturise: After washing your hands every time,  moisturise them. If you're not at home, carry a moisturiser with you.  

Avoid dryers: When at a restaurant or outside, just let your hands dry naturally. Though hot-air dryers are becoming popular as they save the environment and money, they can easily dry your hands out. Simply shake dry your hands and dab on some lotion.

Use gloves: One of the best treatments is prevention, so whenever you're gardening, outside or simply washing dishes, gloves are a must.

Wear them to bed: Damaged hands need serious attention and it is best to treat it  overnight. Apply a thick moisturiser, some jojoba or vitamin E oil, then soak in the bath or put on some cotton gloves and go to bed. Rinse it off in
the morning.

Exfoliate: When most people hear exfoliate, they think of the face. The skin on the hands, especially on the back of them is thin and fragile. If your hands are severely dry and calloused, use a pumice stone. One can use  one or two tablespoons of sugar, add olive oil and rub both them on the front and back of the hands to loosen up the dry, dull skin. Try this around four times a week and always apply a moisturising lotion afterwards.

Use coconut oil: Coconut oil is magical for the skin because of its combination of fatty acids. Apply it on your hands and wear gloves.