Making the right choices

Making the right choices

Making the right choices

Actor Shalini Vadnikatti will be seen in an interesting role in 'Rajaru' that has released today.
Cast alongside four male actors in the movie, she thoroughly enjoyed playing someone who is different from her. The role gave her an opportunity to discover another side of the actor in her. Shalini hopes that the kind of offers coming her way will change after the release of 'Rajaru'. The actor is confident that the perception about love, relationships and women among youngsters is sure to change after watching the film.
In an interview with Nina C George, Shalini shares her experience of working in 'Rajaru'.

What is special about 'Rajaru'?  

I play a character called Deepa in the film. She is an easy-going person who doesn't bother about the consequences of what she says or does till an encounter with four men changes her life. The story traces the transformation of the life of a woman.

How was it to work with four men?  

It was an interesting experience because the character of each man is different and so are their emotions. I had to change my body language and work on my emotions to suit each of the four characters.

How was it working with director Girish Mulimani...

There was no stress working with Girish as a director because he knew exactly what he wanted from his actors. He has already worked with actor Sudeep and earned enough experience. I was impressed with his clarity of thought, confidence and hardwork.

Are there any films in Kannada that you have enjoyed watching?  

Films like 'Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu', 'Kirik Party' and 'RangiTaranga' have set a precedent of sorts in the Kannada film industry. These films have proved that experimental cinema work well with the audience here. I hope to see more such films in the future.

What languages are you comfortable working in?

I am presently working in Tamil and Telugu film industries because I can speak both languages. I am more comfortable conversing in Telugu because we speak it at home. I am now fluent in Kannada.

What do you think has brought you so far?  

No one in my family is associated with the film industry. I am the only one who chose a career in the entertainment industry. I wouldn't have been able to get this far without the support and encouragement of my family.

Other projects in the pipeline...  

I am working on two Telugu films. I am yet to sign a Kannada project because I am waiting for the release of 'Rajaru'.

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