Starspeak Nov 12- 18

Starspeak Nov 12- 18

Mar 22-Apr 20
You are in an excited mood this week. There could be some expensive purchases. But don't go on an impulsive spending spree as you may regret it later. Some episode in personal relationships might take centre stage later and also demand significant time and energy. Lucky Gem: Red Coral; Lucky Colour: Crimson; Lucky Number: 9

Apr 21-May 21
The domestic environment keeps you preoccupied now. There could be an ongoing repair work that is frustrating. A surprise visit from a loved one sets your heart aflutter, but you may have to deal with some dilemmas too. Money matters are not favourable now. Lucky Gem: Diamond; Lucky
Colour: Green; Lucky Number: 6

May 22-June 21
The week opens up with a bit of travel and sibling issues. There may be some brainstorming around taking up a new office space or moving to a new house. You will need to accommodate differing opinions. Matters related to children may involve significant expenses. Lucky Gem: Emerald; Lucky Colour: Yellow; Lucky Number: 5

June 22-July 23
You may come across a spot of luck as the week begins. There could be a promotion, gain of money or added perks. You are able to establish yourself as an expert in your area of work and this boosts your morale. You may be required to undertake a short-distance travel. Lucky Gem: Natural Pearl; Lucky Colour: White; Lucky Number: 2

July 24-Aug 21
You make a definite attempt to improve your physical appearance as well as public image. You take measures to embrace a new lifestyle change. Some may be joining a new place of work: a change that brings in financial strength and a greater sense of security. Lucky Gem: Ruby; Lucky Colour: Orange; Lucky Number: 1

Aug 22-Sep 21
You might be chasing a deadline at work, trying to finish a task in good time. Some may be away from home and actively planning completion of pending tasks so that they can get back to their loved ones with a peace of mind. Some may look into a new work suggestion that offers greater independence and is also to their liking. Lucky Gem: Emerald; Lucky
Colour: Blue; Lucky Number: 5

Sep 22-Oct 23
There are get-togethers. Some may also receive a gift or money. The health of a loved one could make you anxious. But you are able to get a grip on things pretty soon. There could be a dramatic change of appearance and people notice an increase in your charm and charisma. Lucky Gem: Diamond; Lucky Colour: Sky Blue; Lucky Number: 6

Oct 24-Nov 21
The week will be all about how you handle crisis and divergent opinions with ease at work. A lack of empathy and a new cultural environment at a new project could lead to misunderstandings. There are increased interactions with people and travel to distant shores later. Lucky Gem: Red Coral; Lucky Colour: Maroon; Lucky Number: 9

Nov 22-Dec 21
You could be wrapping up a stint at an old place of work, or moving away from a project after spending some significant time on it. While goodbyes are definitely difficult, there could also be excitement about something new on the platter. Pay attention to your health. Lucky Gem: Yellow Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Purple; Lucky Number: 3

Dec 22-Jan 20
There may be difficulty in concentrating at work as personal issues invade your mind. Decide whether you want the overwhelming relationships to keep disturbing you, or you may want to draw clear boundaries! A long-distance travel plan may be drawn up. Lucky Gem: Blue Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Dark Blue; Lucky Number: 8

Jan 21-Feb 19
The week could bring some kind of closure to a troublesome relationship. You realise that there is enough support from loved ones to see you through this tough period. Relationship with in-laws may be a tad bit rough too. Avoid arguments and sparring anyway. Lucky Gem: Blue Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Black; Lucky Number: 8

Feb 20-Mar 21
You could face some concerns while finding suitable help for a specific assignment. There could also be a dent in your profitability because of the same. It's an exciting time for those in the creative fields as a new partnership or offer to collaborate comes their way. A legal matter may keep stretching for a longer time than anticipated. Lucky Gem: Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Sea Green; Lucky Number: 9

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