Go boho chic!

Go boho chic!

Go boho chic!

Bohemian styling is for a person who is socially unconventional, especially someone who is involved and inclined towards in the arts, music, craft, theatre and other creative fields. Someone who makes his or her own rules, who lives for freedom and finds the beauty in everything he or she does, everyday in life. It is about adding vibrant colours and exotic patterns to the look and dressing according to your mood. Silhouettes are relaxed and styles made comfortable and casual for the wearer, patterns and colours are bold and expressive. Natural fabrics add to the comfort and ease. Details carry a vintage charm and accessories are artisanal and aplenty.

Untucking your shirt, letting a scarf drape loosely around your shoulders, wearing relaxed fits, going sockless, or even not shaving for couple of days will help you develop that look. Also the most important aspect of this style is ensuring you don't look too coordinated or put-together.


This autumn-winter, try investing in a classic pair of light-wash jeans in shades from midnight-blue to faded blue. In addition to this, pick another pair of ripped denims with distressed detailing that gives you a relaxed, devil-may-care attitude.

To pull off the bohemian look, ensure that your jeans are the appropriate off-duty style. Forego the sharp, dark denim you wear to work and opt for a rugged ripped, faded and distressed, light or mid-blue jeans instead. A slim silhouette is the best, try getting into a Rico or Kano fit of denims.

Hand-painted details, badges, inscriptions, messages and graphics whether literal or abstract, all have a place in bohemian style.

A pair of shorts is must to create the perfect lounge and laid-back bohemian effect. Shorts are comfortable and practical, plus they look less formal. For bohemian style, big floral printed shorts are just perfect. They can be worn with floral shirt or monotone T-shirt. If you are not ready for dramatic makeover, try out darker colours of shorts with shirts. The mixture of classy and bohemian styles also looks cool.

Floral fantasy

Nothing says free-spirited like a floral prints or conversational printed shirt. Team up the floral printed shirt with chinos, jeans or khakis. Keep it relaxed and mellow when it comes to styling.

A suede jacket, particularly one in shades from tan to dark brown, is the must have in your wardrobe this winter, and it makes a perfect layering for the Bohemian look. They're not suitable for late winters, but are perfect choice for the autumn. It takes a good bit of confidence to team them with jeans, but if you manage this one, then you will nail that perfect bohemian look.

When it comes to footwear, the look is incomplete without sandals, especially the leather ones. Leather sandals team up pretty well with the denims and khakis.

Accessories are crucial to the bohemian style. Leather, beaded bracelets and other kinds of jewellery add to the relaxed appeal. A slouchy leather or canvas bag, loafers and printed scarves will complete the look.

To summarise the styling tips for perfect bohemian look:

* Aim for a look that's relaxed and expressive with vintage and artisanal details.

* Keep the fitting loose, lightweight and unstructured that will give you freedom of movement and exude that "I don't care" attitude.

* Always add some pattern, whether geometric or floral to the clothing or accessories.

* Keep your grooming to a minimal with stylishly messy hair and an unshaven face.

* The best part about going bohemian is that your clothes need not be perfectly ironed. Crinkles and creases are your cool new best friends.

Style like you don't care about the way you look. The bohemian style of dressing gives you the freedom to just be yourself. Crumpled or unironed clothes that are slightly wrinkled work well, and it is every bachelors dream come true. The out-of-bed hair, unshaven face works too. So this winter, go for uncoordinated pieces, or loosely coordinated pieces of clothing, untucked or partially tucked shirts, loose dresses, funky, mismatched socks or even go sockless.

(The author is design head, Spykar Lifestyle)

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