Maddur farmers' cash in as demand surges for tender coconut

Maddur farmers' cash in as demand surges for tender coconut

Maddur farmers' cash in as demand surges for tender coconut

The Maddur tender coconut market, of the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee (APMC), which is said to be the largest in Asia, has been making record transactions since the past two years, bailing out hundreds of farmers of the district.

Maddur tender coconuts are popular for its high water content and sweetness. So, it is in great demand across the country.

The market was set up exclusively for trading tender coconuts, to dispatch the produce to Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, New Delhi, Rajasthan, Kolkata and other states.

According to sources, the transaction was Rs 137 crore in the year 2015-16 and had sold 18 crore tender coconuts. In 2016-17, which is said to be a year of drought, a transaction of Rs 100 crore has already been recorded and in 2012-13, the transaction was Rs 96 crore. With a steady rise in transactions, it has turned into a lifeline for the farmers, traders, and workers.

Raitha Sangha leader K Boraiah said, the Krishnaraja Sagar (KRS) reservoir did not reach its maximum level since two years and MySugar factory had suspended operations. "Farmers, who had grown sugar cane, paddy, and other crops, faced huge loss and hundreds of them ended their lives unable to repay the mounting debts. But it was the Maddur's tender coconut market that saved the farmers," he said.


Around 90% of the business is completed at the coconut farm as the prospective buyers book the produce and harvest them. Later, they are transported to various states. This spares them the transportation cost. Only 10% of the farmers bring their produce to the market for sale.

Maddur APMC has given license to 150 traders. More than 600 labourers are working at the market.

Speaking to DH, APMC Secretary B Srikantaprabhu said, around 15.5 lakh tender coconuts arrived at the market on a single day on March 16, 2015. Sub-markets have been established at KR Pet and Gudigere in Maddur taluk. Even after 30% of the produce is diverted there, Maddur market still makes record transactions, he said.

Private companies

Many private companies have set up their units in the taluk, which process the tender coconut and sell them in bottles. This has created a demand for tender coconuts. 'Coco Jal', a tender coconut water brand, processed and bottled by a private company at the Gejjalagere Industrial area, has become popular at Bengaluru International Airport, Srikantaprabhu said.