MUMBAI SHOCKER: Cop tows vehicle as woman breastfeeds

MUMBAI SHOCKER: Cop tows vehicle as woman breastfeeds

MUMBAI SHOCKER: Cop tows vehicle as woman breastfeeds
A shocking video of a car being towed away in Mumbai even as a woman is breastfeeding her child went viral on social media on Saturday.

The Mumbai Police launched a probe and suspended a policeman within hours of the incident.

"Prime facie it has been noticed that the safety of the woman and the child was endangered. Hence, pending inquiry, the constable has been placed under suspension, said  Joint Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar, who heads the Traffic wing. A Deputy Commissioner of Police has been assigned to the probe.

According to preliminary reports, the video was shot by a bystander and posted on Facebook.

The incident reportedly took place on Friday in Malvani area of Malad western suburbs of Mumbai.

The young woman, whose identity is not available, was sitting in her white car with her seven-month-old child when a towing van suddenly started towing the car away.

She begged and pleaded with the cop and also said that she was not keeping well. However, the policeman did not relent.

The cop was not wearing his name badge on duty, which is also against the rules.

The police constable behind the towing, identified as Shashank Rane by the person who shot the video, has been suspended pending an inquiry.

"It will be dealt with appropriately and sternly after the preliminary report is received within 24 hours," Kumar said.

Pleas by the bystander, who shot the video, to stop towing fell on deaf ears of the cop, who kept speaking on his cellphone and towing, it is claimed.

The woman also claimed that two other vehicles in front of her's were not picked by the towing van but her car was chosen ignoring her desperate pleas. The car was apparently in a no-parking zone.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who handles the Home portfolio, has come under severe criticism from political parties.

'Towing Co linked to CM'

Veteran women's activist and Shiv Sena MLC Dr Neelam Gorhe said,  "First of all, you cannot tow a vehicle when a person is inside, and secondly, the policeman was not wearing his name badge."

NCP's chief spokesperson Nawab Malik said action should be taken against the company owning the towing van. "The company is linked to the chief minister. Is it because of that the CM is keeping quiet," he asked.

Mumbai Congress president Sanjay Nirupam sought a thorough inquiry.