Sharma can only succeed if report tabled in Parliament: Farooq

Sharma can only succeed if report tabled in Parliament: Farooq

Veteran politician Farooq Abdullah has said the efforts of the Centre's special representative for Kashmir can move forward only if Dineshwar Sharma's final report is tabled in the two Houses of Parliament for discussion.

The former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister, who was re- elected president of the National Conference, the state's main Opposition party, stressed that New Delhi also needed to explain what it wished to achieve by appointing Sharma as a special representative for talks on Kashmir.

Different voices emerging from power corridors had reduced him to a "zero" even before he could start the talks, he said.

Farooq  (80), stressed he had never been against talks, but was "baffled by the lack of clarity" on the Centre's move.

"Even before he (Sharma) was to visit the Valley, there were different voices emerging from New Delhi including that from the minister in PMO (Jitendra Singh) who said Sharma was not an interlocutor," the ex-chief minister said.

Sharma's mandate, he added, was not clear to anybody in Kashmir.

"So we are confused about what he is and what his agenda is going to be," the Lok Sabha member said.

Asked why he did not meet Sharma, who was on a four-day visit to the Valley last week, Abdullah replied, "I thought it's of no use until Delhi makes it clear that he has some powers and that whatever he finally recommends will be taken up in Parliament. That is the only way forward."

Farooq  also referred to earlier such moves.

"The past has shown that none of such efforts has been sincere. Does anyone talk about the report prepared by Dileep Padgaonkar and his team, Radha Kumar and M M Ansari," said the NC leader.

"Till date, that report has not seen the light of day. It is collecting dust in the home ministry. The best thing would have been to table that report in both the Houses of Parliament,"  Farooq added.  

He was also sceptical about the success of Sharma's mission.

"I don't see it progressing unless the government of India makes its mind clear and gives him that authority (of tabling the report). Otherwise he will be subservient to (National Security Advisor Ajit) Doval," he said.


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