Music and Dance Reviews: MUSIC CONCERT FOR A CAUSE

Music and Dance Reviews: MUSIC CONCERT FOR A CAUSE


The Prathyarpana Foundation founded in memory of L.S.  Narayana Swamy Bhagavathar and Prof. H.V. Krishna Murthy  conducts cultural programmes in collaboration with the Vijaya  College of Music every year and donates fund to the needy social  organisations. On Friday as well, the Foundation presented donations  for few institutions at the ADA Ranga Mandira.  

It opened with a Choral music by the students of Vijaya  College of Music. They had chosen 'Nottuswara' compositions of  Muthuswamy Dikshitar, in different ragas of the Shankarabharana  scale. A number of colourful ragas with Sanskrit lyrics on different  Gods - were quite attractive. Though they were all tiny pieces,
pleased with the sweet melody. Little more than one hundred students,  accompanied by flute, violin, mridanga and khanjari, sang in unison.
Kudos to Bhargavi H.K. Venkataram, the young vocalist, for  conducting the choir successfully.


Gita Govinda of Jayadeva, is one of the most popular lyrics,  both in music and dance. It is believed that Jayadeva himself sang the  hymns, while his wife Padmavati danced to them in the Jagannath  Temple of Puri. Saralaya Sisters - Kavitha and Triveni Saralaya,  presented few selected verses of Geeta Govinda accompanied by  violin, mridanga and ghata. They opened the programme with verses  on Jayadeva in the raga Purvi Kalyani. Jaya Jagadeesha Hare (in the  raga Naata), Lalitha Lavanya (Vasantha), the popular one 'Rathi  Sukha Saare' in Sindhubhairavi etc.etc. The lyrics in the ragas  Nadanamakriya, Kharaharapriya, Mukhari, Madhyamavathi and  Shudha Saranga -pleased the gathering. With their expertise and  pleasing raga and melodious tuning, Saralaya Sisters captured the  audience. Colourful photos - slides in the background - also suited  and added to the impact.


Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, a well-known dancer, presented her pet  theme, slightly edited version of compositions of Mysore composers,  from glimpses of Mysore Palace. A swarajathi in the raga Kambodhi  gave her programme a pleasant start and was followed by well-woven jathies. The familiar Kamatch varna 'Mathe' of Dr L. Muthaiah Bhagavathar was visually pleasing with good footwork  and expressive Abhinaya. A Kannada jawali in the raga Kalyani and  the dignified thillana - both were lively and performed with grace.


Curtains came down on this year's 'K.K. Murthy Memorial  Music Festival' with a flute recital on Sunday evening. After  receiving the 'Chowdaiah Award of Academy of Music', Praveen  Godkhindi, popular music composer and director, gave a Hindustani  flute recital.
With a master like Praveen Godkhindi handling raga Shudda  Kalyan the raga really sparkled and glistened on flute. Starting from  the 'Mandra Sthayee' slowly, the raga came out with a haunting  melody of infinite loveliness. Two compositions - vilambith eka thal  and drut teen thal, swayed the entire audience, gathered in good number. A thumri dhun in Misra Kamach was also appealing. Again  rag Bagesri was presented with great charm and finesse. Pandit  Shubhankar Banerjee played tabla with good understanding,  enhancing the impact of the flute.

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