Datta Mala Abhiyan begins; to end on Nov 19

Datta Mala Abhiyan begins; to end on Nov 19

The Dattamala Abhiyan which will be observed across the district, commenced in Chikkamagaluru on Monday.

Sri Ram Sene members wore Datta mala and worshiped Lord Dattatreya at Kamadhenu Ganapathy Temple premises on the beginning day of the Datta Mala campaign. The people who wear Datta Mala will observe austerities for seven days.

Temple President M S Nanjundaswamy presented Rudrakshi Mala to the devotees. Sri Ram Sene Dakshina Prantiya State President Mahesh Kumar Kattinamane, District President Ranjit Shetty and around 30 other people wore the malas.

To mark the culmination of the Datta Mala Abhiyana, a Shobhayatra procession will be held on November 19. The procession will start from Kamadhenu Ganapathy Temple and will reach Bolarameshwara Temple. Devotees from various places will carry 'Irumudi' offerings and will have a glimpse of Dattatreya Paduka at Datta Peetha.

Those who wear malas will offer pooja at the temple on a daily basis. On the previous day of visiting Datta Peeta they will seek alms from three houses and will collect, rice and jaggery, to be taken to the Peeta. On the way, they will take a holy dip at Honnammana Halla and will visit Honnamma Devi Temple to have a glimpse of the deity.

Sri Ram Sene District Goraksha Pramukh Abhi and Durga Sene District President Sharadamma were present.

Ram Sene poll candidates

Sri Ram Sene Prantiya State President K V Mahesh Kumar Kattinamane said that candidates supported by Sri Rama Sene will be fielded in 50 assembly constituencies, in the upcoming assembly elections.

"The fights for solving the Datta Peetha issue will continue," he said and urged the administration to consecrate the idol in the Datta Peetha, allow Trikala Pooja, appoint Hindu priests and to shift the tombs in Bababudangiri to Nagendahalli Dargah.

When BJPwas in power, no action was taken to solve the Datta Peetha issue. When they step down from power, they cry foul over Datta Peetha and demand basic infrastructure at Datta Peetha. They should not indulge in vote bank politics, he said.

"Initiation has been done for the 12th year of Datta Mala Abhiyana. About 50 Naga sadhus from Digambar, Shwetha, Jeena and Jinna Akhadas and nine seers will take part. Sri Ram Sene National President Pramod Mutalik and Vice President Tapang Ghosh will attend. Thousands of ' maladharis' from Maharastra too, are expected to take part."

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