Chaos at Alliance varsity again, goons pelt stones at faculty, staff

Chaos at Alliance varsity again, goons pelt stones at faculty, staff

Tension prevailed on the Alliance University campus in Anekal on Monday evening, when a large group of 'goons forced their way into the campus and pelted stones at faculty and staff.'

According to students and university officials, a large group of goons, some armed with weapons, climbed over the compound wall. They attacked security guards, faculty, and wardens with stones and even thrashed some of them.

Recently, the university was in trouble because of an ongoing ownership dispute between brothers Sudhir Angur and Madhukar Angur. On Friday evening also there was chaos on the campus when faculty members hired by former chancellor Madhukar were evicted.

On Monday morning, housekeeping staff, who were removed from the job, protested outside the campus demanding to be taken back to duty. Later in the evening, they entered the campus along with hundreds of men.

According to Shaila Chebbi, director of the institute, they had an injunction order against Madhukar to prevent him from entering the campus.

"He sent more than 200 goons and they seemed to be drunk. They broke the windshield of my car as I was trying to leave the campus through another gate. Everyone was scared and we were hiding until the police arrived," she said.

The police were called in and the situation was brought under control.

According to a student, all day scholars were cleared from the campus and only students residing in the hostel were allowed to stay.

Another student said they were scared to step out of the hostel even to have food.

"Everyone just wants to get their degrees and leave. There is no quality education and none of us are interested in the classes any more," the student said.

Shaila said that the classes would continue as usual on Tuesday, under police protection.