Close shave for IndiGo passengers as wild boar strays on runway

Close shave for IndiGo passengers as wild boar strays on runway

Close shave for IndiGo passengers as wild boar strays on runway

Passengers on an IndiGo flight had a narrow escape as the rear wheel of  the aircraft hit a wild boar on the runway during the final seconds of takeoff on Monday night.

All the 150 passengers and four member of the crew on board the Vizag-Hyderabad flight escaped unhurt even as the damaged wheel refused to retract.

The flight returned to Vizag after a thorough check on the runway and removal of the carcass of the wild boar after hovering around over Bay of Bengal for over 45 minutes. After a thorough check up of the wheel, the flight departed for Hyderabad around 1 am.

The airport, which  is used by both defence and civil aviation authorities, has a 16 km wall aorund it, protecting it from entry of wild animals.

However, frequent travelers have often spotted dogs and wild boars at the airport. The Vizag airport management has also informed about the incident to INS Dega that controls the airport.

"IndiGo flight 6E-742 from Vishakhapatnam to Hyderabad struck a wandering wild boar on the runway during take-off. Adhering to the SOPs, the captain immediately reported the matter to ATC and decided to hold over Vizag.       Post runway inspection by the airport authorities, after 45 minutes, the pilot carried out a precautionary landing back at Vizag airport to get the necessary inspection done. This is also in line with manufacturer recommendations,"  the airline said in a statement

"After all the required checks/inspections undertaken by the engineering team, the flight safely took off again. While this led to a delay of one and a half hours, we ensured customer safety at all times. We have raised the issue of bird /wildlife endangering precious human lives and flight operations to the Airport Authority of India at Vizag. DGCA was also pro-actively informed as part of SOPs.   At no point, safety of the passengers was compromised," it added.