Wine store mafia preventing opening of MSIL liquor outlets

Wine store mafia preventing opening of MSIL liquor outlets

A new type of mafia has raised its ugly head in Karnataka - the 'wine store mafia'.
The 'wine store mafia' came up for discussion in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday and members of the Opposition parties felt that this powerful private lobby has been preventing the opening of government-run Mysore Sales International Limited (MSIL) liquor outlets.

MSIL outlets are popular among consumers across the state as they sells liquor at Maximum Retail Price.

The government has opened 130 MSIL outlets across the state but the members felt that the wine store mafia was preventing more from coming up.

YSV Datta (JD-S) said the income of private liquor stores had taken a beating following the opening of MSIL units. Private stores, which usually make a killing by selling liquor at jacked up prices, have stepped up their ante and are colluding with the Excise department officials to prevent more MSIL outlets from coming up.

"There are several instances wherein excise superintendents have given their sanction for opening MSIL liquor outlets after studying their feasibility and demand. But, suddenly they are put on hold for some reason or the other," B Suresh Gowda (BJP) said.

In his reply, Excise Minister R B Timmappur said he was aware of the popularity of MSIL liquor outlets and more will be opened soon.