Love actually!

Love actually!

Love actually!

From studying together in college back in West Bengal to tying the knot  and finally settling down in Bengaluru,  Debolina Mukherjee and  Ayanangshu Lahiri have  traversed a long way for love.  


Hailing from Baguiati, Kolkata, Debolina was a year junior to  Tollygunge-based Ayanangshu in college when they fell in love. When he went to Mumbai to work in an advertising firm, Debolina flew down to Bengaluru to pursue a job as a communications professional. Ample opportunities and the presence of his lady love later brought Ayanangshu to Bengaluru.


The duo, who are married for two years now,  have been in the city for the past four and a half years -- a time which has given them only pleasant memories, says Debolina.

"Bengaluru is a calm city. When one comes from the north or northeastern parts of India, the weather here is something to look forward to. Also, we have never faced any  issues considering the fact that we are outsiders. In many other cities, there is a problem of hostility towards people from other states. However, despite so many people making their way to this city, Bengaluru has always welcomed everyone with open arms. We have settled in well," says Debolina.  

While their week is mostly spent in their respective workspaces, weekends are something that they look forward to. Debolina eagerly waits for her drummer husband to showcase his talent at different gigs, with different bands.


"He has his own band and also performs with other bands, so weekends are usually spent attending his gigs. If that doesn't happen, then we have a tradition of movie nights on Saturdays, where we go for late night shows in Gopalan Cinemas. We love spending as much time as possible with each other and weekends are the best time for this," adds Debolina.  


Since they feel that Bengaluru doesn't have many tourists spots within the city limits, they often visit places like  Yercaud,  Wayanad and Kodaikanal for a weekend getaway.

"My sister stays in Chennai, so most of the time we drive down to her place and come back the same day. However, when the month is ending and we are short of cash, we love staying indoors and bingeing on Netflix," says Debolina.  

Ask Ayanangshu how his stay has been in the city and he promptly says, "My reason for coming to Bengaluru, apart from the job, was my 'then' girlfriend and 'now' wife. I have never had cause to regret my decision though. Bengaluru has always been a homely and warm place. The fact that half of my school and college friends are here makes it an even more fun place to stay."  

He also highlights that, after West Bengal, the celebration of Durga Puja is the grandest in Bengaluru -- an occasion they eagerly wait for every year.


They are foodies and they love trying out different cuisines every other day. "Bengaluru has the best options in restaurants and we  love exploring a new place every time we go out for lunch or dinner. The ample number of Bengali restaurants in the city doesn't let us miss home much," says Debolina.  


Over the four years they have been here, they have made many friends and spending quality time with them is important to the couple. So whenever they get time, the duo calls them over or makes a visit to their houses.