The rural charm

The rural charm

The rural charm

Breaking away from the monotony of their work life, designer duo  Yuti Edward and Atul Edward launched own label in 2011.  

Their love for travel and passion for Indian arts and crafts gave birth to the idea of 'UDD', which works primarily to create a community of India inspired tribal, rural and urban artists and weavers, translating their talent into wearable art.

In a conversation with Surupasree Sarmmah, Yuti talks about her journey from a graphic designer to a fashion designer.    

What sparked your interest in fashion, considering you and your husband never had any background in this field?

I was a graphic designer by profession and my husband was a sportsperson. Leading a monotonous and routine life stifled the creativity in me. But, thanks to our love for travelling, we used to often make trips to the rural and mountainous regions and lakes to rejuvenate. While on the move, I used to doodle different things that were hallmarks of that place. Seeing my interest, my husband gave me the idea of inscribing these doodles on fabrics and also to start something of our own. After six months of research, we started our label. Today, Atul helps me with the backend operations and I  take care of the designing bit.  

What inspires your designs?

Travel has been a big inspiration. I also get inspired by folk art, craft and weaving and dying techniques of a region.  

'Udd' signify...

'Udd' means 'to fly' in Hindi, which also symbolises  freedom. We  as a label, don't follow any fashion norms, especially in designs and prints. There is a freedom of creativity that is reflected in my work.  

What are you most comfortable in while travelling?

I am a non-fussy dresser while travelling. Wearing a pair of 'dhoti' pants and a  'kurta' is what I am most comfortable in.    

Your all-time favourite outfit...

Definitely sari.   It is one of the outfits that can be worn for a casual  day and for a formal occasion. This versatile nature of the garment is what makes me fall in love with it.  

Who is your muse?

A woman who is confident of who she is and doesn't have to try to impress others is someone I always look up to    - someone who is understated and confident.  

The best-dressed celebrities in the industry...

I love the way Alia Bhatt carries herself in whatever she wears. Sonam Kapoor is another actor who is dynamic with her choices. Sonali Bendre is one actor whom I have always been so fond of. She is so subtle yet so elegant.  

Any fashion advices  for young fashionistas...

Just be fluid with your choices and go with the flow. Choose an outfit that suits your bodytype and not because it is in trend.  

A little about your latest collection...

'Atmann' is a collection which is close to my heart. This is a collection where I have  collaborated with a Bhuj family, I actually sat with the weavers and weaved my own designs. It was truly a spiritual experience that changed my perception of fashion and design.    

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