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Sandalwood music director and singer Arjun Janya has worked in more than 100 Kannada films. Some of his notable projects in Kannada are 'Kempegowda', 'Bhajarangi', 'Romeo', 'Victory', 'Vajrakaya', 'Maanikya', 'Hebbuli' and 'Tarak'. He has worked with almost all the actors in the Kannada film industry including Shivarajkumar, Puneeth Rajkumar, Sudeep, V Ravichandran and Ramesh Aravind. 
He is presently working on 'The Villain' with Shivarajkumar, 'Pailvaan' with Sudeep and 'Rambo 2' with Sharan.




"Ilaiyaraaja and A R Rahman top my list of favourite musicians. I admire Ilaiyaraaja because his music is simple and relatable. He uses a lot of notes and dynamics in his compositions, but still manages to retain the essence and simplicity of the work. The commitment, dedication and discipline to his craft is something that the younger generation can emulate."



Nasreen Munni Kabir
I am not an avid reader but among the very few books that I have read, I enjoyed reading 'A R Rahman: The Spirit of Music' by Nasreen Munni Kabir. Overnight, I finished reading that book. It vividly describes his life and musical journey. I am a big fan of A R Rahman and I could connect with the legend almost immediately after I read the book. I have met him and I find him to be a wonderful human being with no ego hassles. He is also someone who has steered clear of"controversies."



"I travel to Mysuru whenever I can afford to take off. I feel one with the rich culture and heritage of the place. I like walking through the streets and visiting the market places there. I also enjoy spending time at Chamundi Hills  because there is something very calm and serene about that place. Singapore is another favourite place of mine because I find the people there warm, courteous and welcoming."



Kamal Haasan  
"I find the films of Kamal Haasan very  entertaining and engaging. There is really no role that Kamal hasn't  explored and all his films come  with a social message. He works  on subjects based on social  issues and most of his films are thought-provoking and relevant. This is also what sets him apart from the other actors. I also find the films of Dr Rajkumar very interesting and feel good after watching his movies. I have always watched the first day,  first show of both  these actors."



Ashwath Kumar
"My father Ashwath Kumar has always been my inspiration. He passed away when I was 13 but I cherish the time I spent with him. He lived a selfless life and made sure that everybody around him were happy and comfortable. He didn't earn very well but he always bought me whatever I asked for and never denied me anything. He catered to everybody's needs even if he had to give up his own."



'Chicken biryani'
"Nothing compares to the chicken and mutton biryani cooked by my mother. I have travelled to several places and tried different kinds of cuisines, but I haven't found a similar taste anywhere else. I also make it a point to try the local food and speciality of the places that I am visiting. I am also a good cook and learnt my basic lessons in cooking from YouTube. My daughter likes some of my chicken specialities like 'Hyderabadi chicken' and 'Kadai chicken'. I don't cook now as frequently as I used to because of time constraints."


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