Helping brother lands cop in jail

Helping brother lands cop in jail

A constable, who took part in the physical fitness test on behalf of his younger brother, has been arrested.

Shariff Sabalal Valikar is the arrested. Younger brother Moidini Sabalal is absconding. They belong to Lakkasakoppa of Bagalkot district.

The physical fitness test for the recruitment of police constables in the District Armed Reserve was conducted on January 28. Shariff, who had applied for the post, sent his elder brother for the test, as he had six cm less height than the expected norms. The elder brother Mohidin, a civil constable in Mangaluru, appeared for the test on behalf of Shariff.

After the selection, Shariff reported to duty on November 3. While marking the attendance on November 14, Inspector Timmappa Gowda grew suspicious and noted Shariff's weight. The illegality was revealed when the video footage of the physical fitness test was checked.

A complaint has been registered in the city police station.