When mom's the world

When mom's the world

When mom's the world

It's been a while since I got  a weekend to myself. But whenever I do, it is all about spending time  at home and with friends. This always brings a relaxed smile on my face.  I used to spend a lot of time with my friends earlier but now it is rare, so I enjoy every bit of it when I can.

Be it a Monday or a Saturday, I always wake up early in the morning. My weekend does have a more relaxed  schedule compared to a normal day  though. The mornings are about spending time with my mother Rama.


It  can be quite entertaining when she is around. Even now as an adult,  if I am just sitting around and watching TV, she will ask me to turn it off and do something fruitful. She doesn't believe in sitting idle and asks me to make use of every minute I have.  


The best part is breakfast time because my mother makes the best 'poha' and 'dosa'. We chit-chat over breakfast and I  tell her about my shoots. She listens patiently and keeps reminding me that there is a lot more to be done. My mother is my best critic and she keeps me grounded.  

As a mother-son duo,  we click well. She doesn't  like me to be in the kitchen. I love cooking though and I learnt it by observing my mother. Cooking is a great stressbuster and it is a very innovative process. I love preparing 'Bisi bele bath', 'Veg biryani' and 'Sambhar'.

When I am at home, I love playing carrom. My mother is really good at it and I have never been able to defeat her. Each game leads to a lot of fun and memorable moments.  

When I am not spending time with my mother, I spend time with my friends in the industry and outside.  In my film fraternity circle, I am close to Rakshit Shetty, Aravind Iyer, Chaitra, Ashika, Shankar Murthy and Koushik and we talk about movies a lot. We pull each other's legs whenever we can.

I have a close circle of friends who have been there from my childhood like Nandish Rao, Navin KM, Nishanth Honna and Santhosh Sid. Though they have nothing to do with the industry, I still flood them with film news and ask for their  inputs on movies. Sometimes they bring up other topics to discuss but we end up discussing movies again. We sometimes plan trips together and they warn me about not talking about films but it happens all the time.  

When I am not in Bengaluru and want to take a quick break from the city,  my friends and I rush out to hill stations. It all depends on our schedules though. Some of our  favourite spots are Kudremukh, Mullayanagiri and Wayanad. I especially love heading to hill stations as  it's a great concoction of greenery, pleasant weather and serenity.

I have a lot of friends in Mangaluru  as my primary education was done there. I love the place for its beaches.  Watching the waves hit the shores can create a soothing effect for anyone.

As an animal lover, I love spending time with dogs. When I am in the city,  I head to my friend Sandeep's place to spend time with his pets, Dolly and Shyro. I was afraid of dogs initially but once I started playing with them, I realised that furry friends can bring so much warmth.  


Apart from this, I do not miss my gym regime. Working out is a very important part of my day as it keeps me positively charged, feeling fit and  also improves my concentration.  Reading is something that I love doing when I am relaxing. If I'm hooked to a book, I could finish it off in a day. I can also listen to music at any given time of the day, be it Carnatic, Hindustani or film music.


Spending time with my dear ones is my idea of a perfect weekend."