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For the masses

For the masses

Director Suseenthiran is one of a kind. The man, who has made 10 films so far, enjoys immense respect not just from those in the industry but also from the general public, for most of his films are meaningful and socially responsible works of art. They often have a strong social message in the most entertaining manner possible. Now, his next film Nenjil Thunivirundhal is already garnering attention.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Herald, the director opens up about Nenjil Thunivirundhal,  Angelina (the film that he is currently directing with newcomers) and more. Excerpts follow...

Tell us about your film 'Nenjil Thunivirundhal'.

I will say a dialogue from this film to answer your question. 'To be a part of this society, you do not need the  courage to do something that is wrong. You need the courage to do what is right.' Today, there are several ways to make money. But some professions and industries should not be looked upon as businesses. They should not be used to make money. If such a thing happens, then our whole society will be destroyed. The story of Nenjil Thunivirundhal has been inspired by a real-life incident.

Your films are known for fantastic action sequences. Will this movie have action sequences too?

There will be fights and action sequences in this movie too but then, each film and story will have a different mood. My stories are always centred around the common man. How does a common man fight? There will be no 'flying in the air' sequences, no superhuman fights. In film-making, two things matter when you shoot an action sequence. One, what is the idea on which the fight is based, and two, what is the emotion that is being carried across. I am someone who firmly believes that every action sequence must be based on an idea. Along with the idea, the emotion must also be spoken about.  

Tell us about how you picked Sundeep Kishan for this movie?

When I was making my film Jeeva, I wanted to do it as a bilingual. So, I cast Vishnu Vishal as the hero in Tamil and Sundeep Kishan as the hero in Telugu. However, after shooting for a day or two, I found the entire process of shooting a film in two languages taxing. I realised that I wouldn't be able to shoot the film with two different casts in two different languages simultaneously. So, we just made the film in Tamil. But I have known Sundeep from then and am aware of the fact that he is really passionate about cinema. After shooting my film Maaveeran Kittu, I had a script that was ready but I was thinking of whom to cast. Vishnu Vishal had expressed his interest in this script and said he would love to do this film along with Vikranth. Then, one day, Sundeep called me when Tulasi madam wanted to speak to me. During the conversation, he expressed his desire to work together. And then suddenly, all things fell into place. I believe this film will showcase Sundeep's acting potential and strengthen his position as a strong commercial hero.  

Your first film 'Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu' was a blockbuster. Now, we hear that the sequel to the film is being made by your uncle...  

Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu 2 is also based on a real story. My uncle entered the world of cinema 10-15 years before I began my journey. In fact, I came to cinema taking strength in the knowledge that he was there. He wants the story of this film to be to be related to the story of my first film and narrated my dad's life as the film's story. My dad's character is played by Pasupathy in the film and his son's character in the film is played by Vikranth.

Tell us about your next movie, 'Angelina'...

Of all the films that I have shot, this one will be the most stylish. It will be a thriller. All the people in this film will be new other than Soori, who has been an integral part of most of my films. I have tried a new way of script writing for Angelina that is bound to make audiences sit up and take notice. In fact, I have shot 75% of the film and I can say now itself that this will be a sure-shot success!

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