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Born in London in 1965, Gideon Haigh had his upbringing in Geelong, Australia. Having started his career as a journalist specialising in business and sports writing, Gideon has contributed to several reputed newspapers and magazines including The Guardian, The Age, The Australian and the ABS Sports Monthly. His favourite topic being cricket, he has authored and edited several books, the latest one being Stroke of Genius: Victor Trumper and the Shot That Changed Cricket. Many of his books have also been shortlisted for prestigious awards. He lives in Melbourne with his wife Charlotte nee Barker and daughter Cecilia Haigh.

Excerpts from an interview:

What books are on your nightstand now?

Whiteley on Trial by Gabriella Coslovich, In Hot Blood by Bachi Karkaria, Maps of Delhi by Pilar Maria Guerrieri.

What's the last great book you read?

Lost Girls by Robert Kolker.

What about cricket fascinates you?

Its endless layers of meaning and significance, its inexhaustibility as

a topic.

Which novelists do you especially enjoy reading?

Patrick Hamilton, Richard Yates, George Eliot, mile Zola, Vasily Grossman.

What do you look for in a novel?


What do you plan to read next?

Anne Applebaum's Red Famine.

Which genres do you avoid?


How do you like to read? Paper or electronic?

I don't even own a phone.

Your favourite book as a child?

Cricketer Annual 1974-75.

If you're organising a literary dinner party, which three writers, dead or alive, would you invite?

Tony Judt, G K Chesterton, Ray Bradbury.

Five favourite things...

Cricket, coffee, The Fall, Peep Show, movies of Billy Wilder.

What would you change about yourself?

I'd be a better cricketer.

One person you admire...

Ramachandra Guha.

A cause dear to your heart...

The South Yarra Cricket Club.

You don't leave home without...

Something to read.

Your pet haunt...

Como Park, Melbourne - my home ground.

Your favourite food...


Your idea of happiness...

Being 50 not out on a hot day.