'Mamatheya Thottilu' inaugurated in Udupi

'Mamatheya Thottilu' inaugurated in Udupi

On the occasion of Children's day recently, 'Mamatheya Thottilu' was inaugurated at the Children's Home for Girls at Nittoor.

Deputy Director of Women and Child Welfare Gracy Gonsalves said that women who cannot take care of their newborn babies can make use of this cradle. Instead of abandoning their newborn, the child can be placed in the cradle at the children's home. The department will then take care of the child. If no relative comes forward within a few months, the child would be given up for adoption, she said.

Senior Civil Judge Latha was present at the inauguration of the cradle. Nine children of Bala Mandira presented a Koragajja dance on the occasion. They were trained by Ganesh Barkur.

The dance ballet revolved around celebrations among the Koraga community when a female child is born in a household. Ganesh Barkur said that he will train children to even play music for the dance.

Some children who have been brought up in the Children's Home of Girls were felicitated for their good behaviour and achievements. CWC Chairperson Ropashree and others were present.