'Disconnect between Pak Army HQ and its troops along LoC'

'Disconnect between Pak Army HQ and its troops along LoC'

'Disconnect between Pak Army HQ and its troops along LoC'

There is a "disconnect" between Pakistan Army headquarters and its soldiers deployed along the Line of Control with India, Lt Gen A K Bhatt, Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) of Indian Army, told his counterpart in the neighbouring country on Saturday.

Lt Gen Bhatt on Saturday spoke to Pakistan Army's DGMO Major General Sahir Shamshad Mirza, over hotline. He told him that the Pakistan Army must resolve its own "credibility gap".

The DGMO of the Indian Army had an unscheduled interaction with his counterpart in the Pakistan Army on Saturday after a request for the same came in from the latter.

Maj Gen Mirza of Pakistan Army alleged that India's security forces had resorted to unprovoked firing along the LoC and targeted civilians living in the territory under the control of the neighbouring country. Lt Gen Bhatt told him that Indian soldiers had only retaliated to unprovoked and repeated ceasefire violation initiated by the troops of Pakistan along the LoC.

"Indian Army DGMO further impressed upon the Pakistan Army DGMO that there appeared to be a disconnect between the intent at the Pakistan GHQ, which reiterates its desire for peace, and the actions of Pakistan Army troops along the Line of Control, who resort to heavy firing without provocation," the Indian Army stated in a press release.

"He further exhorted the Pakistan Army DGMO to resolve this existent credibility gap to ensure that peace and tranquillity is maintained along the LoC," said a spokesman of the Indian Army.

The Indian Army DGMO further clarified that the army always maintained impeccable standards of professionalism and did not target civilians in any manner.

Lt Gen Bhatt told his counterpart that Indian Army would continue efforts to ensure peace and tranquillity on the borders. But Indian Army troops would continue to take all retaliatory measures and retain the right to punitively respond to any provocative acts of aggression from Pakistan.