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The Nada Jyothi Sangeetha Sabha Trust celebrated the 'Kartheeka Sangeetha Sambhrama' last week, with vocal, veena and a musical feature, in collaboration with the Sri Rama Mandira, Malleswaram.

Vidushi Yoga Vandana, who gave a veena recital on Thursday, hails from a highly educated and cultured family. Her father Veturi Anandamurthy is a Telugu scholar and husband Dr Venkat Kamesh is an outstanding scientist. Yoga Vandana is a post graduate in science (Zoology) and has passed 'Sangeetha Alankara' also in music. A student of V.S. Anantha Rao, Yoga Vandana is an 'A-top' grade Veena player of Akashavani and has won prizes in Bangalore Gayana Samaja and Kanchi Sabha.

With this background, Yoga Vandana lived up to her reputation in the current concert as well. The celebrated Kaanada atta Thala varna gave a good idea of the feast that was to follow. The 'Vandisuvudu Aadiyali' was followed by an infrequent swarajathi of Veena Seshanna in the raga Kharaharapriya. 'Shringara Lahari' in the raga Neelambari, was a popular composition of yesteryears in the whole of South India.

The vainiki built a reverberating base in both Ranjini (Durmargachara) and Reetigowla (Jananee), with a   melodic grace. The climax came with Keeravani alapana, the 21st 'mela' and a popular 'rakti raga'. The rendition of the raga and swara (for 'Kaligeyunte' of Tyagaraja) gave a dignified picture of the soulful melody. The Mand thillana was also lively.

It was melodious, classical to the core sans gimmicks. The percussion duo Ranjani Siddanthi and B. Bhagyalakshmi gave good support on mridanga and morsing respectively.


The Saraswathi Sangeetha Vidyalaya presented Govind Lakshmi Bhave Puraskar to V.S. Rajagopal and Veena Murthy last week. The awards function was followed by a music recital by Varijashree Venugopal. She is a multi-faceted musician with several accolades to her credit, in the young age itself.

It was a different beginning as she opened the concert with the 'Yeti Yochanalu', which is not usually chosen as a opening kruthi. This particular Tyagaraja's composition in the raga Kiranavali, the 'Sampurna Audava' raga, is a shining raga, which attracts the attention of the connoisseurs, at once!

Varijashri added swara briskly as well enchancing the impact of the composition. Saranga is another attractive raga, in which she selected 'Nivada Ne Gana' keerthane. Raga Jaganmohini, which is a 'Audava Shadava' raga, became popular through 'Shobillu Saptaswara' of Tyagaraja. Varijashri meditatively dwelt on Jaganmohini and the raga came alive and the composition brimmed with confidence, to emerge as a solid piece.

She sang the popular devaranama 'Jagadodaddarana' adding a good feel. Then she shifted over to flute and gave a brief recital with just 4 small compositions. Maanasa Sancharare, Krishna Nee Begane Baro, Venkatachala Nilayam and Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma. It was melodious, performed with good 'Bhava' and it is worth watching Varijashri's career. She was ably supported by D. Achutha Rao on violin and Adamya on mridanga.

Vidushi Yoga Vandana

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