AMU not minority institution, says govt panel

AMU not minority institution, says govt panel

AMU not minority institution, says govt panel

A government-appointed central university review committee said the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is not a minority institution even though it enjoys a minority character.

The panel, assigned to audit the functioning of the varsity, refrained from elaborating on the issue as the matter was sub judice, but recommended that the educational pattern and syllabi of AMU be "reoriented".

"Aligarh's past zamindari (feudal) culture and present obscurantist attitude do not quite make for excellence in thinking. There is a need to reorient the educational pattern and syllabi in a very conscious way, taking into account the need and background of students," it said in its report submitted to the government.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) had set up the four-member committee on the instructions of the HRD minister to conduct an audit of the functioning of the AMU and some other central universities in the wake of "several complaints" against them.


The panel, in its report, observed that most of the faculties at AMU are alumni of the varsity and have "preferred" to stay on "throughout their professional career".

It said this has led to an increase in the "inbreeding" of faculties, adversely affecting the quality of education, "cross-pollination and cross-fertilisation" of ideas.

"Inbreeding is rife in AMU. To help the varsity develop in line with its founder's vision, a five-year gap may be introduced (for students) after award of Masters/PhD before taking up a teaching assignment (at the varsity)," the panel suggested.

It also recommended scrapping of "admission quota" for internal candidates, saying any such quota should be as per the state government's "prescription" for other universities in Uttar Pradesh.

"This will help in (creating a) diverse mix of students at the AMU and lead to natural de-inbreeding," the panel said.

The panel also recommended scrapping of AMU vice chancellor's "nomination quota" and the provision of selection of vice chancellor of the university through an election.

"Each of the categories quota (should be) made open, merit-based, and transparent; all quotas other than the legislative mandate quotas applied uniformly in the country need to be done away with forthwith," it said.

The panel, in its report, has raised objections to the segregation of boys and girls in classes up to undergradute level at the university, suggesting that such a system should also be done away with.

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