'Marathas in Karnataka are Kannadigas'

'Marathas in Karnataka are Kannadigas'

'Marathas in Karnataka are Kannadigas'

Sakala Maratha Samaj president K Keshavanathrao Jadhav has said that Marathas residing in Karnataka are Kannadigas.

He participated in the Kannada Rajyotsava and felicitation programme organised by the samaj here.

The Sakala Maratha Samaj president said that, "Though the base of Marathas is Maharashtra, we migrated to Karnataka to fight a war in favour of Kannadigas and not in search of jobs as projected."

The Marathas took part actively in the Anglo-Mysuru war 400 years ago and settled in Karnataka after the war. "We are Kannadigas as the community people are residing in the state for centuries now," he said.

Jadhav said that the people of Maratha community have been urging the government to include them under 2A category for the past three decades.

'Not included in list'

"The government treats us as Maharashtrians and has not included the community in the list," the Sakala Maratha Samaj president lamented.

Jadhav also expressed displeasure for the delay in resolving Belagavi border issue between Marathas and Kannadigas.

Leaders Maruthirao Pawar, Chandrarao Kavale and others were present on the occasion.