'Hard to juggle motherhood and filmmaking'

'Hard to juggle motherhood and filmmaking'

"It's extremely difficult to be  a  full-time film director and be a mother at the same time. I love my children and my films equally," said Sonali Bose, filmmaker and screenwriter.

She said male directors didn't face the problem of looking after the family and working simultaneously.

Kavitha Lankesh, filmmaker, said her script was denied several times by male directors. "They would not even try reading them," she added.

Five panellists, all accomplished female filmmakers, discussed how women's work is subjugated in a patriarchal world.  

The three-day  Under The Raintree Women's Cultural Festival culminated on Sunday with film festivals, stand-up comedy, theatre workshops, which were women-centric.  "This is the first edition of the festival. We are planning to conduct it every other year," said Sandhya Mendonca, who directed the programme.