Dithering BBMP leaves residents in a fix

Dithering BBMP leaves residents in a fix

Dithering BBMP leaves residents in a fix

Residents around Hosakerehalli junction are left in a fix after a negotiation meeting called by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) officials. The meeting was to quote a rate for their properties obstructing the construction of an underpass. The underpass is constructed as part of a city-wide signal free corridor plan.

In August, talking to DH, B S Prahlad, Chief Engineer of Major Roads infrastructure, had promised the aggrieved residents that all their properties will remain untouched. In the latest development, Prahlad has been replaced by KT Nagaraj, the superintending engineer.

Nagaraj had presided over the meeting in the first week of November which gave a hint to the residents of the property acquisition process.

An irked resident said, "There is no end for this. Earlier they had promised that none of our properties will be affected. All of a sudden they have sent a notification asking us to appear for a negotiation meeting. A decision is still not taken on the property acquisition matter. This has left us in a lurch. Why can't they stick to one decision?"

The roads were dug up a year ago, forcing nearly 40-50 residents to remain under house arrest.

They have been unable to drive out their vehicles and are compelled to bear the stench of waterlogged pits. Several commercial establishments have been affected as well and the property owners are unclear about their future due to this project.

"All we want is clarity about the process. We are ready to give the property for a good cause and development, but not in this unplanned manner. The unscientific markings, digging up the roads without a proper plan and officials without clear goals have left us ashamed of our civic bodies," adds a citizen. When the BBMP official presently working on the project was contacted, he rubbished Prahlad's remarks and said without acquiring the land, it is impossible to complete the project.

"A DPR has already been completed. We cannot be more clear than this. We need to acquire pieces of land, according to which the markings are done. We will be following all the necessary guidelines in the acquisition process," said an official, who doesn't want to be named. He added, "Presently the BESCOM and BWSSB are laying electricity, water and sewage lines and the area is dug up. Only after it is done we will be able to resume the project."