Exploring the unknown

Exploring the unknown

Exploring the unknown

Exploring the unknown

Bengaluru-based band 'Blushing Satellite' has carved a niche for itself in the music circuit over the years. The band members believe that it is their urge to explore new tunes and connect with the audience that has set them apart from the other bands of their time.

The band is led by Ramanan Chandramouli on guitar and has Arjun Ramdas on bass, Prabhu Muraleedharan on drums and Mahesh Raghunandan on vocals and guitars. Ramanan Chandramouli takes time off to talk  about what inspires them to make music and more.

What was the inspiration to form a band?

It was out of desperation that I decided to put this band together. I wanted to form a group of musicians whose only purpose was to create and lose themselves in music. There is no desire for success, fame or money; only pure expression.

How do you describe yourself as a band?

We approach music as a spiritual experience and look at it as a form of catharsis for us as well as the listener. We believe in writing songs that do not follow a cliched format of verse and chorus that most follow, but instead choose to invite the audience on an inward journey through melodic soundscapes and intricate rhythms, inspired by African and African American music.

What makes your band different?

I think there are lot of bands playing metal and rock in Bengaluru. But the focus of our music is on the groove. The rhythm section, that is bass and drums, provide the focal point for the entire arrangement and composition. This is not the case with most bands where the focus is more on the guitar or the vocals. Our lyrics are also heavily based on eastern philosophy.

What according to you is the definition of music?

Good music is that which makes your mind stop and you are left suspended in a beautiful space, lost in it. Our manifestation is music made of vibration, intervals and rhythms.

What defines you as a band?

Our eagerness to explore the unknown and discover ourselves in the process. All answers lie within that which is infinite and intangible.

You just released your first album... tell us about it.

Our debut album is called 'The Union'. The title refers to the union of Shiva and Shakthi, Yin and Yang, ego with the higher self and vibration with silence. The music is a humble offering to the universal mother's
unconditional love. The album is meant for turning the attention inward and bringing about peace and healing.

Why did you decide to call yourselves 'Blushing Satellite'?

'Blushing Satellite' refers to someone who has a crush on you and they are constantly revolving around you in their thoughts.

How has the music scene in Bengaluru helped you grow as a band?

The feeling of home brings about a different emotion and a higher dimension within you as a performer.
It's nice to have familiar faces in the crowd rooting for you and cheering you on. We also enjoy getting out of the city to play at music festivals which are held in nature and away from the noise and chaos.

Where are you performing at the moment?

We are currently performing at 'IndiEarth Xchange 2017' in Chennai. It's a great platform that provides for networking and broadens our perspectives on the world of music.

What kind of crowd do you like?

Our only expectation from every gig is for a respectful audience so that we may channel the highest and purest expression of ourselves.

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