Wipro Lighting collaborates with Cisco on smart lighting solutions for modern workspaces

Last Updated 20 November 2017, 13:03 IST

Wipro Lighting, the market leader in LED lighting solutions, on Monday announced that it has become a Cisco Digital Building Solutions provider for connected lighting.

This collaboration brings together Wipro's industry-leading Smart & Connected Lighting systems and Cisco Digital Building Solutions that link various building services through a single, converged IP network.

This will enable Wipro Lighting to simplify convergence of its lighting solutions with building automation systems over IP without compromising lighting efficiency, maintenance, product life, and security.

A common goal of facilities managers worldwide is to run their buildings with high service levels while delivering cost savings and environmental benefits through reduced power consumption.

Commenting on Wipro Lighting's collaboration with Cisco for Digital Building Solutions framework, Wipro Lighting Vice President & Business Head Anuj Dhir said Design & Innovation is a way of life at Wipro.

"With the emergence of the IoT and big data, smart and connected digital lighting is the way forward as it'll bring intelligence & functionality into lighting systems. Hence, this trend will play an important role in making workspaces more productive and enhance employee wellbeing at the same time," said Dhir.  

Cisco India and SAARC Managing Director, Partner Organization, Daisy Chittilapilly said lighting is one of the best ways to bring the Internet of Things to office buildings.

"Smart and secure lighting will form the backbone of the smart office of the future. We are extremely happy to collaborate with Wipro Lighting to empower building managers to quickly digitize their lighting networks to drive better user experiences and efficiency. Together Wipro Lighting and Cisco aim to accelerate adoption of these solutions in the market and deliver increased comfort and efficiency," said Chittilapilly.

Lighting makes up approximately 40 percent of a building's electricity bill; this coupled with raising energy consumption by commercial buildings is pushing the demand for smart and connected lighting solutions. This joint effort is aimed at helping corporate real estate managers and facilities heads deliver better user experience, save on energy and operating expenses as well as reap the benefit of the Internet of Things (IoT) in workspaces.

Wipro Lighting's Power over Ethernet (PoE) based solutions leverage the Cisco Digital Building Solutions framework to create bespoke and flexible lighting solutions for modern workspaces.

These new connected lighting solutions will greatly simplify the deployment experience, lower total cost of ownership, offer pre-validated architecture and ecosystem integration among players.

As next steps, the Cisco Digital Building Solutions framework will allow building managers to extend the benefits of the IoT throughout their facilities by converging multiple building networks including lighting, heating, cooling, IP video, IoT sensors and more through a highly secure and intelligent network platform.

(Published 20 November 2017, 12:54 IST)

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