Rahul's elevation to have positive impact on Congress: Renuka

Rahul's elevation to have positive impact on Congress: Renuka

Rahul's elevation to have positive impact on Congress: Renuka

As Rahul Gandhi is expected to take over the reins of the Congress, MP Renuka Chowdhary today said that his elevation as the party's president would have a positive impact on the organisation.

The former Union minister also said that the 47-year- old's much-expected elevation, however, did not mean that the "old guard" in the party was going to be "thrown by the wayside".

"This is something that we had announced some time ago. It's a natural process that is happening organically. Obviously, there is going to be an effect for the better. There is no doubt it has galvanised the rank and file, and the youth are all excited about this," she told PTI.

Sonia Gandhi (the Congress president) would always be the party's guardian and her presence is reassuring, Chowdhary said.

"We are so reassured by Sonia Gandhiji's presence. Because she will always be our guardian who will guide us and it is under her stewardship that all this is happening. It's a very happy situation for us in the Congress," the MP said.

The Congress Working Committee (CWC) today approved the schedule for the election of the next party president, paving the way for the elevation of Rahul Gandhi.

Party sources said that the process of election would start on December 1 with the issuing of the notification.

Sonia Gandhi would always be the guiding spirit of the party, she said.

"Soniaji is going to be the omnipotent and omnipresent. She will guide and keep us on the right path. She is the one who will always be the guiding spirit. It's time for action now," the MP said.

Asked if there would be any major organisational changes, she said change is "inexorable", but it was for Rahul Gandhi to take a call on the matter.

"Change is always inexorable and inevitable, it will happen. It will be the call of the new president. So, I cannot predict or preempt and say anything. This is something that Rahul Gandhi will announce."

Chowdhary felt the "old guard" in the Congress is not going to be "thrown by the wayside" and that the experienced leaders and the young crop would work together to bring back the past glory for the 132-year-old party.

"I don't think the old guard is going to be thrown by the wayside. The old guard have tremendous experience and the young guard has all the enthusiasm and energy.

"Together, it is what we will collectively deliver and that is to bring the Congress back to the common man," she said.

The "need of the hour" is to "remove dictatorship and restore democratic practices" in the country, the former Union minister claimed.