'I would like to do intense roles'

'I would like to do intense roles'

'I would like to do intense roles'

Actor Dhananjay is  busy with  the shoot of 'Tagaru'. Excited about playing a negative role, he strongly believes that  this movie will pave the way for rave reviews.

Known for always playing a protagonist on screen,  the Kannada film audience will see him as a  villain for the first time.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, he talks about 'Tagaru' and his role.

How busy are you at the moment?

I am in the last schedule of shooting of 'Tagaru'. I have been listening to other scripts and there are other projects in the pipeline but I  am  concentrating on this movie  at the moment.

Tell us about your role.

I play Daali, the antagonist. This is the first time I am playing  a negative role. It was a very different experience, compared to playing the hero. A lot of effort has been put into my look. I will be seen sporting a coloured eye lens.    

The challenges you have faced...

More than being challenging, I enjoyed playing Daali.  I was in a trance. Every actor should portray roles that push him as an actor. It is not possible to be Daali in real life which made it even more exciting.  

How did the role come to you?  

It's a very simple story. I was at the gym with Duniya Soori and we were burning out calories on the treadmill. Suddenly he asked me if I wanted to play the  
villain in his next movie. I stopped and instantly agreed.  

What is the most exciting thing about this film?

The very fact that the movie is by Soori  and depicts his raw style. The movie is action-packed.  

The teaser of 'Tagaru' went viral recently. Did you and the team expect this?

Of course! After all it is a Soori film and a multi-starrer, featuring Shivarajkumar and Vasishta N Simha. It  is expected to click well with the audience.    

Tell us some interesting moments on the sets.

The most interesting part of being on the sets of 'Tagaru' is that  Shivarajkumar is always around. Every moment with him on the sets is exciting.
I  feel blessed to be part of a project where he is also there.

Your chemistry with Shivarajkumar...

He  is a very simple and humble person. He never refrains from appreciating people and whenever he likes something, he is very vocal about it.  Shivarajkumar  is an excellent human being.

Every new project teaches one new things. What  have you picked up from 'Tagaru'?

I would like to do intense  roles. I know that I  don't want to  do movies  just for the sake of it.

Any particular genres you want to explore?

I  want to do films like 'Bajirao Mastani' or 'Padmavati'. I love  doing  epic  

With so many actors in the film industry, how  can an actor  stand out?  

One cannot be at the top always. Being a good actor is all about making a difference. Every year, about 200 films are released and around 160 new artistes are introduced to the industry. There is no point in competing.    

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