Breaking the language barrier

Breaking the language barrier

Breaking the language barrier

As educated and ambitious youth look for greener pastures all over the world, globe-trotting has become a way of life today. Boundaries between the countries have turned out to be nothing but notional for the ones who are on a perpetual move. Knowing the language of the country you are working or studying can prove to be beneficial. Furthermore, learning a new language enriches your life in personal, social and professional fronts. Here are some of the benefits:

USP on the CV: A direct communication with the client in his own language ensures a better deal. Hence, today, most of the employers look for people who have knowledge in a few foreign languages, in addition to the professional qualification.

Better communication: Gone are the days when English was a lingua franca. Though English is considered as an international language, many countries still are not well-versed with the language. Interpreters are there to help you, but the gist is lost in the grind of translation. If you know the country's language well, you can articulate and assert yourself better.

Study in foreign varsities: Knowledge of a foreign language comes handy for those who aspire to study abroad. In fact, such knowledge is a criterion for selection in some universities.

Better appreciation: Learning another language not only enables us to appreciate another culture but also provides a deeper insight into our own language and culture.

Mental agility: Cocooning yourself with a set of known languages is depriving yourself of the challenges of learning a new language. Studies have shown that learning new languages enhances the agility of the mind.

Identity: Your knowledge of a foreign language earns you recognition in society. This new-found identity would automatically boost your self confidence. Learning a foreign tongue has become all the more important for the 'global villagers' considering the manifold advantages it offers.  

Opening new avenues

Knowing a foreign language can come in handy in several sectors. Here are some such sectors:

Aviation sector: This is one of the sectors where in you are dealing with travellers of different nationalities. The task of a cabin crew is made easy if she or he knows the language of the traveller.  If you are working for international airlines you are required to fly to foreign countries frequently. Your brief stays can be made pleasant only if you know the language of the land.

Hospitality industry: The knowledge of foreign languages is helpful while communicating with non-English speaking guests and also while working in a non-English speaking country.  It is a must for those who deal directly with the foreign guest.

Tourism sector: India attracts hordes of tourists throughout the year. An escort or guide who knows the native tongue of the tourist is always preferred and can help one connect with the tourist better.

Teaching: As more schools and universities teach foreign languages in their curricula, there is a demand for foreign language teachers like Spanish and French.

Translation: As a translator, one can get many lucrative offers. In fact, many have made full-fledged careers as interpreters or translators in embassies, consulates and multinational companies.

Learning the language

Some of the universities in Karnataka, such as Bangalore University, Mysore University and Karnatak University, Dharwad, offer certificate and diploma courses in various foreign languages on their campuses. There are also various other institutes that offer regular classroom tutoring, online teaching and corporate training. While some limit themselves to teaching a single language, some institutes teach multiple languages such as French, Japanese, Spanish and Arabic.

The courses offered by the institutes are tailor-made so as to accommodate the needs of every learner. Evening and weekend sessions are offered for the benefit of students and corporate employees. If you have the will, various institutes show you the way.

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